December 2017 Net Worth Update

We survived round #1 of the Holidays.  But as you will see below, there were some casualties.  In November, we went on a family vacation to Montana.  We managed to keep the expenses on that trip quite low, around $350 or so, which was almost entirely to cover the gas in getting up there.

The main casualty was our emergency fund!  My wife has been looking at a replacement car for her 2005 Toyota Sienna for quite some time.  She finally found the replacement!  … Only a little earlier than we were expecting.  We bought a 2014 Honda Pilot this past Saturday.  You will see below a 20k dip in our cash, and a 21k increase our cars.  This is the net result of selling the van via private party, and purchasing the replacement car from a dealer.  Thankfully, we were able to sell the old car in under a week, for higher than Kelly Blue Book.  A word to the wise, do NOT trade in a $5100 vehicle for $2800 to a dealer.  By selling it ourselves we saved more than $2000, and it only took us a few days to sell it.  Not too shabby.

With out further adieu, our Net Worth is now: $390,778.86.